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Announcement of the BE Tomnatic space rental auction

NATIONAL FORESTRY RESEARCH – DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE – “MARIN DRĂCEA”, through S.C.D.E.P. Câmpulung Moldovenesc, announces for the day 07.07.2023, 1000 hours, the organization of an TENDER at the headquarters of the unit located in Câmpulung Moldovenesc, str. Calea Bucovina no. 73 bis, for the rental of some assets, buildings and buildings located at the same address, according to Annex 1 to the specifications.


The specifications containing the starting prices for the auction, the amount of the guarantee for each asset, the conditions and the qualification documents, can be obtained from the headquarters of the Tomnatic Experimental Base starting from 23.06.2023 or on the website


In order to participate in the auction, bidders will submit to the secretariat of the Tomnatic Experimental Base, until 04.07.2023, at 1600 hours, the documents provided by the tender specifications, respectively:

  • the tender registration application, with number. of registration from B.E. Tomnatic, specifying the objective for which they are bidding, contact details, and registration number of the applicant legal entity, specifying the space/spaces for which they are bidding for rent;


  • self-responsible declaration of the bidder that he has no debts to the I.N.C.D.S. units and subunits. “Marin Drăcea”;


  • proof of registration at the Trade Registry Office or, as the case may be, the equivalent registration document in the case of foreign economic operators in certified copy “In accordance with the original” and Certificate of Assessor (original or copy) regarding the shareholding and status of the legal entity issued at least 30 days before the date of 07.07.2023, and in the case of natural persons, a copy of the identity card, or other identity document for natural persons not resident in Romania;


  • power of attorney for the economic operator’s delegate at the auction;


  • proof of the establishment of the participation guarantee;


  • auction participation fee 20 lei including VAT.


The auction will be held according to the public auction method, open, competitive, with shouting and adjudication at the highest price offered.

The award criterion is the highest value offered by the participants in the public outcry auction (lei/sqm/month).

The bidding step, in ascending order, is 5% of the starting bid value, with bids made by shouting whole steps.


Additional information can be obtained at the headquarters of the Tomnatic Experimental Base or at the phone number 0230/314044.