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Short history

The Oradea Research – Development and Experimentation – Production Station was established in 1955 as a result of the development of concerns started in 1952 by the III North Oradea Expedition that belonged to the Forestry Design Institute (ISP) Bucharest, which operated between 1952-1954 in Satu Mare. In 1975, I.C.A.S. was mentioned for the first time. – The Oradea branch, in order to establish I.C.A.S. in 1977. – The Bistriţa branch, and only one design workshop remains in Oradea.

Oradea resort under I.C.A.S. – Bucharest was established in 1991 through reorganization, so that in 1999 it came under the Cluj Napoca Production and Design Research Section, in Oradea working collectively for forest management.

In 2001, the Oradea Resort subordinated to I.C.A.S. was re-established. – Bucharest, which from 2004 becomes the Oradea Design Station, and from 2006 – the Oradea Forestry Design and Inventory Station.
The purpose of establishing the resort was to realize the forestry facilities for the north, northwest and west regions of the country.

In 2019, the headquarters of SCDEP Oradea was purchased, located in the municipality of Oradea, Radu Enescu street, no. 28.

Management of the station

Technological development engineer Bîrle Lucian

Station Director

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A total of 23 employees work within the Oradea Research-Development and Experimentation-Production Station.


The staff structure of the resort is as follows:

  • 2 technological development engineers grade II;
  • 15 technological development engineers grade III;
  • 4 engineers;
  • 1 technician level I;
  • 1 chief accountant.


The management and organization of activities is carried out by the director of the resort and the heads of projects:

  • Bîrle Lucian – station manager and project manager (Technological development engineer);
  • Țapoș Dănuț – project manager (Technological development engineer III);
  • Nica Ioan – project manager (Technological development engineer III).



Technological development:

  • drawing up forestry plans for the forestry fund publicly owned by the state or other holders, by going through the following phases:
    • field works from the plain area to the mountain;
    • drafting works of layouts: production units and general studies;
    • works to finalize the layouts (including maps);
  • drawing up additional studies (addendums) to extend or modify the provisions of the arrangements;
  • preparation of feasibility studies, technical projects, etc. for forest curtains to protect railways or public roads;
  • realization of the Geographic Information System (G.I.S.);
  • technical consultancy on the previously listed technological development activities, etc.;
  • environmental documentation: environmental presentation memorandum, appropriate assessment studies, environmental reports, etc.;
  • collaboration on research works.

National Forest Inventory (IFN):


  • the collection, management and analysis of information on forest resources in the west and north-west of Romania;
  • publication of the results of the respective analyses, which are used in the processes of developing national forestry policies.

Development infrastructure and services



  • equipment specific to research and development activity;
  • laptops and desktop systems with related peripherals and software;
  • forestry roulettes, for tree diameters;
  • cars;

Development Services:


  • the development and revision of forestry arrangements for the multifunctional and sustainable management of state and private forests.
  • the elaboration of impact studies and environmental assessments for economic activities with an impact on the forest fund, based on the certificates issued according to the legislation in force.
  • the development of environmental documentation.
  • carrying out specific G.I.S. works
  • assessment of forest resources through the statistical inventory of forests.
  • providing information for establishing sustainable forest management indicators and for determining the carbon stored in forest ecosystems; obtaining data on forest biological diversity and land use/change.


Research-Development and Experimentation-Production Station (RDEPS) Oradea


Str. Radu Enescu, No. 28, Oradea, Bihor County, postal code 410437

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Technological development engineer Bîrle Lucian

Station Director



Eq. Ghejeu Floare – Chief accountant



Țapoș Dănuț – Purchasing Manager