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Area: 68.00 ha
Address: str. Biscaria, no. 1, Simeria, Hunedoara county
Phone number: 0254 261 254


The Simeria Arboretum is located on the left bank of the Mureș River, in the town of Simeria, Hunedoara County, and covers an area of 68.00 ha. It includes the oldest and most valuable collection of native and exotic woody plants in Romania and among the largest in Europe. The richness of the collection consists in the existence of over 2100 taxonomic units, and its value is given by the appreciable ages of the existing specimens and the uniqueness of some species.

The value of the arboretum is doubled by the originality of the landscapes and the compositional structure of the vegetation, grafted on a varied relief, with lakes and springs, with meadows and winding paths, all combined in a natural, dynamic and always new ensemble. The main, wide and winding alleys highlight the landscape and taxonomic richness through the alternation and contrast between colors, shades and shapes given by the arrangement of vegetation in multiple planes and glades with shrubs and perennial plants. The smooth or sudden transition from sunny areas to shady and cool corners always arouse the interest and attention of the visitor.


A dendrological and landscape reserve with unique value for national and European heritage, the Simeria Arboretum is first mentioned in a historical document from 1763, which successively belonged to noble families of Hungarian origin, who founded and developed it until 1948.


In the period 1949-1954, it was taken over by the Simeria Forest Circle. In 1954 the Institute of Forestry Research and Experimentation (ICES) establishes the Simeria Resort, which takes as its material base the dendrological park, with an area of 72 ha and a dendrological collection of 250 taxa. At the proposal of the Natural Monuments Commission of the Romanian Academy, based on H.C.M. 518/1954, the dendrological park is protected by law, receiving the attribute of “Monument of Nature” – dendrological reserve.


From the beginning, extensive conservation, improvement and development actions were implemented, mainly aiming at: maintaining and improving landscapes, enriching the collection, creating pilot plantations with exotic species of forestry interest, amplifying acclimatization and selection works and last but not least creating a strong material basis for the multiplication of valuable forest and ornamental species both for the own needs of the Arboretum or other parks and botanical gardens, from the country or abroad, but also for the expansion and development of green spaces in urban centers.


In Simeria, the “Béla Fáy Castle” complex has two components: the Arboretum and the Béla Fáy Castle, where the administrative headquarters of the “Marin Drăcea” National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry Simeria Section is located.


Visiting schedule: daily between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m