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Area: 62.00 ha
Address: Bazoșu Nou township, Timiș county
Phone number/fax: 0256 310148; 0786 051 893


Bazoș Arboretum, with an area of 62 ha, is located in the west of the country, within the radius of Bazoşul Nou commune, Timiş county, with an area of 62 ha, includes a number of 776 taxa (231 resinous species), structured in collections of woody plants of on the American continent and on the Asian continent.


It contains the largest collection of oaks in the country (19 species) and caries (8 species). They can also be mentioned as rare species: Pinus taeda L., Pinus jeffreyi, Castanea dentata Borch., Castanea pumila Mill., Cletra alnifolia L., Picea koreainsis S.


In 1934 the Autonomous House of State Forests (CAPS) decided to acquire this particularly valuable dendrological collection. The first arboretum development works were carried out between 1909-1914, at the initiative of the owner at that time, Count Ludovic Ambrosie. He, as the ambassador of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the United States of America, was inspired by visiting numerous parks and arboretums in the USA and initiated the creation, on his estate in Bazoș, around a castle, of such an arboretum. After purchasing the arboretum, the Romanian state, through CAPS, entrusted it to the administration of INCEF/ICES/ICAS, currently “Marin Drăcea” National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry.


Visiting schedule: daily between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m

Visitation fee: 10 lei for adults and 5 lei for children