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Field: Environmental protection
Contract: 313/ 09.03.2020
Project duration: March 2020 – April 2022
Budget: 5.955.924,18 LEI

Implementation of the Management Plan for the protected natural area ROSPA 0075 “Măgura Odobești”




Project manager

Senior researcher I Dr. Constandache Cristinel

Manager Proiect

Purpose of the Project

  • the implementation of the conservation measures within the required management plan, necessary to ensure a favorable state of conservation of the species of community interest and the protected natural area in question;



  • increasing the level of awareness and information of the population regarding the importance of local natural resources, the need for sustainable development in accordance with ecological principles, which ensures the long-term well-being of both the human community and biodiversity.

Objectives and Activities

Specific objective 1:

Ensuring the conservation status of the species for which the protected natural area ROSPA0075 Măgura Odobești was declared, in the sense of maintaining and improving their favorable conservation status:


Activity 1.
Implementation of conservation measures for species of community interest from the site ROSPA0075 Măgura Odobești,
in order to maintain, improve and monitor their favorable state of conservation

1.1. Evaluation of the population numbers and distribution of the species Bonasa bonasia, Caprimulgus europaeus, Dendrocopos syriacus (A-2122 – MS-2864 of the action plan).
1.2. The establishment and delimitation of the areas of buffer zones around the nests and the limitation/control of forestry activities in the buffer zone, during the nesting period for the protection of raptor species (A-2123-MS-2863 and A-2116-MS-2856 from the action plan)
1.3. Monitoring and evaluation of the conservation status of bird species of community importance within the site ROSPA0075 Măgura Odobești (A- 2125 – MS-2865 from the action plan).
1.4. Assessment of the species and distribution of invasive plants in the site (potentially invasive species list).
1.5. Maintaining the percentage of mature forest necessary to ensure the continuity of forest habitats of interest for protected bird species by restoring stands heavily affected by harmful factors.
1.6. Construction and installation of the boundaries delimitation of the protected natural area ROSPA0075 Măgura Odobești, as well as presentation, information and warning panels.
1.7. Assessing hunting activities/resources and stopping hunting poaching.
1.8. Setting up a visitor center for ROSPA0075.
1.9. Update/Revision of the Management Plan for ROSPA 0075 Măgura Odobești.

Specific objective 2:

Increasing the level of awareness for the interested groups, through actions that have an impact on the conservation of biodiversity in the protected natural area ROSPA0075 Magura Odobesti:


Activity 2.
Improving knowledge and changing the attitude and behavior of Măgura Odobești in the sense of biodiversity conservation.

2.1. Ensuring the fulfillment of the mandatory elements of information and advertising
2.2. Carrying out an awareness campaign regarding the site ROSPA0075 Măgura Odobești, the importance of its natural, cultural and historical values
2.3. Carrying out educational activities to inform the local population about the importance of bird species within the Natura 2000 site ROSPA0075 Măgura Odobești
2.4. Evaluation of the impact of the awareness and publicity activities carried out for the Natura 2000 site ROSPA0075 Măgura Odobești
2.5. Setting up information points for the general public regarding the Natura 2000 site ROSPA0075 Măgura Odobești
2.6. Creation of the website and logo of the protected area ROSPA0075 Măgura Odobești and its permanent updating with relevant information for stakeholders and the general public
2.7. Promotion of good agricultural practices and sustainable management of meadows on the territory of the site ROSPA0075 Măgura Odobești

Specific objective 3:

Strengthening the administrative capacity of the custodian of the protected natural area ROSPA0075 Măgura Odobești applicant for funding:


Activity 3.
Strengthening administrative capacity

3.1. Endowment of the custodian for the implementation of the approved management plan, the running of the custody and the monitoring of the state of conservation
3.2. Conducting the necessary training courses