Forest Science for people and societal challenges The 90th “Marin Drăcea” INCDS Anniversary

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Domain: 1. BIOECONOMY: 1.1.4 Sustainable development of the forestry sector, increasing its competitiveness and quality of life; 2. INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES, SPACE AND SECURITY: 2.2.1 Dedicated space applications (Earth Observation, GNSS, Satcom); 3. ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE: 3.2.2 Managing the risk induced by climate change on resources

Contract: POC, ctr. 90/09.09.2016
Project duration: 2016 – 2020
Budget: 3.688.950 LEI


Senior researcher I Dr. Ovidiu Badea

The overall objective

The development of forecast models adapted to the forest conditions in Romania, for the study of the evolution of the forest stock using information on the historical past and the present situation of the state of the forests, forest management practices, as well as the regime of natural and anthropogenic disturbances.

Specific objectives

  • widespread use of Earth Observation data;
  • creating an innovative body of knowledge;
  • improving environmental policies based on scientific evidence;
  • strengthening the research capacity by training five researchers.

Project activities:

  • coordination, management and elaboration of the scientific conceptual framework;
  • field data collection and preliminary analysis;
  • remote sensing data processing and analysis;
  • the modeling and forecasting of the forest stock under the conditions of environmental and socio-economic changes;
  • case study for the implementation of a national forest monitoring system;
  • final audit of the EO-ROFORMON project.

The results consisted of publications, integrated monitoring product (prototype) technologies, innovative methods, 5 researchers specialized in satellite and terrestrial laser remote sensing.