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Domain: Institutional Development
Contract: ANELIS PLUS SMIS 102839
Project duration: 18.07.2017 – 17.07.2022
Budget: 248.988.000 lei

Ensuring national electronic access to scientific literature to support and promote the research and education system in Romania ANELIS PLUS

The main goal of the project is to provide electronic access to scientific information and documentation resources for the Romanian scientific and academic community and to develop specific methods in order to support research activity and promote research results.

The target group covers specialists belonging to all six scientific fields mentioned in ENEC – approx. 150,000 users.


  • Ensuring access to electronic documentary information resources through the acquisition of databases / fulltext platforms and bibliographic and bibliometric databases.
  • The creation of a virtual campus, to allow the Romanian scientific and educational community online access to resources and the national repository of documents that will be developed within the Project, both through the acquisition of archives and through the contribution of scientific publications of the academic community from Romania.
  • Promotion, at the national level, of the initiative to develop an open access system to scientific publications; creating links with the Romanian publishing platform SCIPIO and with institutional open access repositories hosted by universities and libraries in Romania.
  • Ensuring mobile access both to online international publications and databases, as well as to the national document repository.

As a result of the activities carried out within the AnelisPlus project financed by UEFISCDI and through the contribution of the member institutions of the AnelisPlus Association, in the period 2013-2015, the access of the scientific community of the member institutions in Romania to publications from publishing houses and international databases for the purpose of scientific documentation and technical can be done as follows:

  1. online, based on annual subscriptions purchased from providers of access services to publishing houses, journal collections or databases, as well as
  2. from a national deposit established on the basis of archives and books purchased at national level. The national repository has the capacity to store the archives and books acquired in the future as well as other information resources such as books, publications and other forms of presentation of the scientific results of the Romanian community.

The two components of this system: i) the portal and ii) the national repository make up the national system that ensures the access of the scientific community of the member institutions of the Association to scientific information, having as infrastructure the hardware equipment of the Association purchased within the AnelisPlus project.

Software systems are implemented on a nationally distributed hardware structure to ensure high service availability. The equipment is installed in three locations: Bucharest, Cluj Napoca and Iasi.

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