Forest Science for people and societal challenges The 90th “Marin Drăcea” INCDS Anniversary

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Contract: GA nr. 284181, INFRA-2011-1.1.13
Duration of the project: 02.05.2011 –30. 04.2016
Budget: 338.000 LEI (67 000 Euro)
Funding: FP7 Program of the European Commission, Capacities Program – Module III – UEFISCDI

Project coordinator from INCDS:

Senior researcher I Dr. Flaviu Popescu

The overall objective

The purpose of the project was to develop and increase the quality of the research infrastructure in the field of forest genetics.


The general objective was to ensure easy access to information sources, currently dispersed, including data from gene banks, forestry modeling models and laboratory technologies.

Project structure:


  • 12 work packages;
  • Packages 1-4 are aimed at creating research networks;
  • Package 5 aims to manage and evaluate requests for transnational access to project infrastructures;
  • Packages 6-11 aim to develop joint research activities;
  • Package 12 is intended to ensure project management;

Project activities:

INCDS “Marin Drăcea” was involved in the following work packages:


  • WP2 – Creation of common protocols and standards
    1. development of protocols and selection of standard genotypes for the following species: beech, beech, Douglas fir, larch;
    2. the inventory of existing data at the transnational level;
    3. database preparation.


  • WP3 – Creation and development of thematic keys for research networks
    1. creation of experimental networks for forest species in order to assess phenotypic and phenological plasticity, as the main tool in the assessment of biomass production and adaptability to climate change


  • WP4 – Dissemination, follow-up and training
    1. interactions between stakeholders. The role of INCDS is to organize interactions with and between various stakeholder groups, including industry, the professional community, policy makers and the general public. This will be done within the Trees4Future project through interactive workshops.


  • WP6 – Integrated statistical platform for the analysis of forest genetic resources
    1. testing and dissemination of the statistical platform for the analysis of forest genetic resources, will consist of the configuration and management of the network of beta-testers and the retrieval of feed-back.


  • WP8 – Spatial modeling of regions of origin
    1. the development of spatial infrastructure for species and provenances based on local climate data and models in order to identify adapted forest materials and reduce the negative effects due to climate change.