Forest Science for people and societal challenges The 90th “Marin Drăcea” INCDS Anniversary

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The application of GIS technologies and high-precision digital photogrammetry in forest planning and forest fund management, including in other areas of forestry interest.


  • creation of GIS databases;
  • updating existing GIS databases;
  • obtaining recent cartographic products with high precision;
  • mapping the forest fund with the help of data obtained using UAV;
  • obtaining the digital model of the land;
  • obtaining the latest digital surface model (DSM);
  • performing thematic flights in difficult conditions with UAV systems equipped with various sensors.




Within this technological development activity, the total number of specialists is 26 of which: 1 doctor in forestry; 16 with higher education and 7 with secondary education, within the INCDS Center and 2 subunits of INCDS (SCDEP Braşov and SCDEP Pitești).

Material resources


In order to carry out technological development works and achieve the expected results, INCDS “Marin Drăcea” has a modern infrastructure specific to technological development.


The equipment available for field data collection and processing is modern, specialized and compliant with standards. It is mentioned here:

  • office and field computers;
  • drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – UAV) with RGB, multispectral and RTK sensors;
  • topographic class GPS equipment and related software;
  • image processing software – Pix4Dmapper Pro;
  • GIS software, their extensions ESRI ArcGIS, open source solutions – QGIS, etc;
  • peripheral equipment (scanners and map plotters, printers, copiers, etc.);
  • off-road vehicles.

Development services

Technology and data transfer for:


  • forest management;
  • forest cadastre;
  • correction of torrents;
  • shelter-belt;
  • ecological reconstruction;
  • design of forest roads;
  • pedo-stationary evaluations;
  • forest protection;
  • maintenance, exploitation and regeneration works;
  • assessment of disaster areas;
  • providing services specific to cadastral works (cadastral documentation for registration in the cadastral records and land register, dismemberment/combination, reconstitution of property boundaries, specialized consultancy);
  • providing services specific to engineering works (topographic surveys, building surveys, longitudinal and transversal profiles, layouts).

Relevant projects


  • The use of digital photogrammetry in forestry: obtaining orthophoto plans, basic topographic plans at a scale of 1:5000 and the digital model of the land;


  • The use of GIS techniques in the development of forestry facilities;


  • Works on the use of GIS techniques in the development of forestry facilities;


  • Study on the standardization of databases for the ArcGIS platform;


  • Staff training in the use of GIS, GPS techniques; cartographic and photogrammetric products in forestry.