Forest Science for people and societal challenges The 90th “Marin Drăcea” INCDS Anniversary

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Ensuring the way of managing the forest stock, the public property of the state, administered by RNP Romsilva, in compliance with the forestry regime.


  • the study of the resort and the forest vegetation;
  • establishing the social-economic and ecological objectives of forests;
  • establishing management goals defined by the structural characteristics of the stands;
  • establishing forest feasibility and developing harvest and culture plans;
  • the approximation of the structure of the real production stock to a model structure corresponding to the functions assigned to the stands. This approach is done gradually, from one arrangement to another, analyzing, at the expiration of the period of application of the arrangement, the influence of the measures proposed to the stands;
  • ensuring the continuous harvesting of the main products as well as the proper management and development of the stands by performing the related care works;
  • substantiating decisions regarding forest management;
  • sustainable management of the forest heritage and related elements (nurseries, autoforestry road network, afforestation works);
  • maintaining and improving the condition of the habitats in the protected natural areas by implementing the forest management measures provided for in the Management Plans of the protected natural areas.




Within the technological development activity, the total number of specialists is 214 of which 2 are doctors in forestry; 171 with higher education, within 8 subunits of INCDS (Centrala INCDS, SCDEP Braşov, SCDEP Timișoara, SCDEP Bistrița, SCDEP Oradea, SCDEP Pitesti, SCDEP Campulung Moldovenesc, SCDEP Craiova).

Material resources


In order to carry out technological development works and achieve the expected results, INCDS “Marin Dracea” has modern infrastructure specific to technological development activities.


The equipment available for field data collection and processing is modern, specialized and compliant with standards. It is mentioned here:

    • office and field computers;
    • Vertexes, clubs, hypsometers, telemeters;
    • Trimble high-precision GPS equipment and related software;
    • Garmin GPS equipment and related software;
    • GIS software, their extensions for ESRI ArcGIS;
    • peripherals (map scanners, map plotters, printers, copiers, etc.);
    • off-road vehicles.

Development services

Technology transfer for:


  • correction of torrents;
  • shelter-belt;
  • ecological reconstruction;
  • forest roads;
  • pedo-stationary evaluations.

Relevant projects


  • Forestry facilities for the state-owned forestry stock managed by RNP Romsilva;


  • Environmental studies for the appropriate assessment of the potential effects of forestry (adequate assessment studies and environmental reports);


  • Works on the use of GIS techniques in the development of forestry facilities;


  • Calculation of income losses and additional costs recorded by forest owners as a result of the voluntary application of silvoenvironmental measures, 2014;


  • Development of the AS2007-Forest management version of the IT product used in forest management;


  • The study for the accessibility of the national forest stock, 2006;


  • The study for the development of the methodology and the calculation of Natura 2000 payments from the forest areas in the natural protected areas, according to the restrictions in the management plans;


  • Elaboration of studies for the establishment of standard costs that will be the subject of interventions regarding silvo-environmental payments, afforestation of agricultural land and for the establishment of natural shelter-belt with a small width for agricultural crops at the farm level, including for fruit plantations and viticulture, based on art. 65, respectively art. 68, from the proposal for the Regulation on PAC strategic plans 2021-2027.