Forest Science for people and societal challenges The 90th “Marin Drăcea” INCDS Anniversary

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The establishment of new systems and services or the substantial improvement of existing ones based on knowledge resulting from research and/or practical experience.


  • the arrangement in an integrated system of torrential hydrographic basins located predominantly in the forest stock;
  • the foundation of ecological solutions to combat torrentiality;
  • expanding the areas covered with forest through the ecological reconstruction of degraded lands and those affected by drought, pollution and other biotic and abiotic stress factors;
  • the development of technical solutions for the establishment of shelter-belt in order to combat climatic extremes and protect human settlements and communication routes;
  • the development of technical solutions for the development of green areas in the urban and peri-urban environment.




Within this technological development activity, the total number of specialists is 15 of which 10 have higher education, within 3 subunits of INCDS (Central, SCDEP Braşov and SCDEP Focşani).

Material resources


Modern work equipment, necessary both for the collection of field data, their storage and processing (total stations, GPS, specialized hardware and software) as well as for the editing of elaborated works (computers, plotters, specific software ArcGIS, ArcEditor, ArcView).

Development services

Technology transfer for:


  • correction of torrents;
  • shelter-belt;
  • ecological reconstruction;
  • forest roads;
  • pedo-stationary evaluations.

Relevant projects


  • Correction of torrents in the Ermeneasa, Valea Rea Sinaia, Valea Albă, Fetig, Valea Schinda, Bucșoita, Pr. Leșului, 2022-2023


  • Correction of torrents in the Paltinoasa hydrographic basins – main stream, Berdu, Jiul de Est, Paraul Porcului, Stoichita, Paltinis, Valea Raului Surducel, Valea Coblesului, Valea Mica. 2007


  • Integrated management of forest lands and riverbeds in order to reduce the risks induced by excess water P.N. 19 07 04 04. 2021


  • Topliță for raising trout fry (Salmo trutta fario) in order to repopulate flood-affected valleys. 2019


  • Ecological solutions for the arrangement of torrential beds in the protected natural areas ROSCI0207 Postăvaru, ROSCI0195 Piatra mare and ROSCI0038 Ciuvaș Acronym SEEAT. 2013


  • Foundations and solutions regarding the design and monitoring of the development works of torrential, predominantly forested watersheds (theme for the elaboration of the Design Nomative). 2012


  • PN 09460303 The behavior and effect of the correction works of torrents in the forest stock 2009


  • Afforestation UAT Comana PNRR 2023


  • Forestry com. Jilavele PNRR, 2023


  • “The implementation and development of common systems and standards to optimize the decision-making processes in the field of water and forests, the application of the system of evidence-based policies in the Ministry of Water and Forests for the systematization and simplification of legislation in the field of water and the implementation of simplified procedures to reduce the administrative burden for the environment of business in the field of forestry” SIMPLIFIED PROCEDURE NO. 1 COMPOSITIONS, SCHEMES AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR REGENERATION OF FORESTS AND REFORESTATION OF DEGRADED LANDS – 2021


  • The study for the development of the methodology and the calculation of Natura 2000 payments from the forest areas in the natural protected areas, according to the restrictions in the management plans. 2021-2022


  • “Elaboration of studies for the establishment of standard costs that will be the subject of interventions regarding silvo-environmental payments, afforestation of agricultural lands and for the establishment of natural shelter-belt with a small width for agricultural crops at farm level, including for fruit and viticulture plantations, based on art. 65, respectively art. 68, from the proposal for the Regulation on PAC strategic plans 2021-2027”. 2021


  • Ecological reconstruction through afforestation of the degraded lands established in the Orbeasca amelioration perimeter, Orbeasca commune, Teleorman county, with an area of 82.1025 ha. 2020


  • Ecological reconstruction works through afforestation in the Meghiș stone quarry, plot 15/U.P. II, belonging to Boita commune, Sibiu county. 2019


  • Improving the state of conservation of the grouse (Tetrao urogallus) population, in the Cozia National Park, through active measures aimed at increasing and maintaining the population at an optimal level, namely the establishment of juniper, raspberry, rose hip and blueberry plantations in the area grouse habitats. 2019


  • Ecological reconstruction in the improvement perimeters Salcioara, Casimcea II, Buhanceni II, Draguseni, Remetea Mica, Gostinu. 2007


  • Shelter-belt for the protection of the DN6 National Road; N51A; DN5A – Teleorman SF county and DN 22 – Constanța county. 2020


  • The effects of shelter-belt on communication paths and the local microclimate PN 16330302. 2018


  • Shelter-belt for the protection of communication paths, 2 technical projects. 2017


  • Shelter-belt for the protection of communication paths, 22 feasibility studies. 2015


  • Foundation study for the creation of park forests, within the radius of Suceava Municipality (Trupurile Cetate and Zamca). 2020


  • Dendrological Park KRONSTADT. 2018


  • NATIONAL MEMORY PARK “Oaks of Romania – 100 years of history and dignity” RO MâNDRIA, Mărășești, county. Vrancea. 2017