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The research team carries out specific activities related to the regeneration, care and sustainable management of forests, including the application of silvicultural treatments and timber exploitation.


Nicu-Constantin Tudose

Senior researcher I Research Team Leader (E5)

Areas of interest: watershed management, climate change


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The main objective of the research team is to establish and improve specific technologies for management and regeneration of forest stands, ecological restoration and watershed management for torrent control under climate change conditions.

Objectives – Research directions

  • knowledge of the hydrological processes that take place within the hydrographic basins;
  • the scientific substantiation of technologies for the development of torrential hydrographic basins and the ecological reconstruction/improvement of degraded lands;
  • identifying appropriate solutions for the management of torrential watersheds;
  • monitoring the evolution of stands on degraded lands and establishing the methods of their regeneration;
  • identification of silvicultural methodologies and technologies for the natural, mixed or artificial regeneration of stands;
  • establishing methods of care and management of stands for sustainable forest management;
  • substantiating the methods of ecological reconstruction of stands degraded/affected by harmful factors;
  • substantiation of methods of installation and care of shelter-belt or agro-forestry systems;
  • restoring the environment and supporting natural processes in eutrophic forests and swamps;
  • rehabilitation of degraded lands.

Within the E5 research team, 17 researchers work, including 13 researchers with proven experience (Senior researchers I and II), 11 technological development engineers and 4 employees as technical staff.

Research infrastructure and services

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Research infrastructure


  • Equipment for carrying out specific measurements in the field (GPS RTK Stonex S10 A, Garmin 66 S, GeoXT, Trimble, GLONASS GNSS, Haglof Mantax Blue forestry clubs, Pressler drills, Vertex IV dendrometers, EC II D Haglof, EC II D R Haglof , topographic compasses Suunto KB, total stations TOPCON ES105, Leica TC307, software for determining areas and distances – Excape Area Calculator, DME System);
  • Mobile Decagon Weather Stations, equipped with hydrometeorological sensors;
  • Weather station CAMPBELL SCIENTIFIC CR100;
  • Specialized software for hydrological simulation MIKE SHE;
  • SATURO automatic soil infiltration meter;
  • HOBO Em5b rain gauge;
  • Resistograph IML-Resi F300;
  • IML Micro-Hammer device;
  • BINDER ED-S case;
  • 620G Precision Scales.

Research services


  • Carrying out studies regarding the determination of the evolution trend of stands on degraded lands and the establishment of their regeneration methods;
  • Establishing solutions for the complex management of torrential watersheds;
  • Hydrological modeling to simulate various land management options in torrential watersheds;
  • Designing works for the development of torrential hydrographic basins;
  • Carrying out activities for monitoring the development works of torrential hydrographic basins;
  • Designing works for the ecological reconstruction of degraded lands;
  • Carrying out studies on the installation and care of protective forest crops, shelter-belt, agro-forestry systems, etc.;
  • Carrying out pedo-stationary studies and impact studies for all activities that affect the forest stock;
  • Hydrological and hydraulic modeling of hydrological processes in watersheds in the context of climate change and land use change;
  • Hydrological modeling of hydrological processes in river basins in the context of different challenges (climatic, socio-economic and environmental).

Relevant projects




  • CAMARO-D (Cooperating towards Advanced MAanagement ROutines for land use impacts on the water regime in the Danube river basin) – program Interreg


  • Project PN 19070404 (2018-2022) – Integrated management of forest lands and riverbeds in order to reduce the risks induced by excess water


  • Project PN 19070402 (2019-2022) – Evaluation and analysis of the influence of maintenance works and disturbing factors on the quality of some representative resinous ecosystems (spruce, pine) for the foundation of silvotechnical works


  • Contract with RNP Romsilva, for design services for torrent correction works: no. 6/2022, no. 12/2022, no. 18/2022.


  • Contract with the Bucharest Forestry Guard for shelter-belt design services, no. 19/2020.


  • Contracts with DS Brăila no. 69/2021 and 1892/2022 – Pedo-stationary studies in order to establish regeneration compositions in stands in the Buzău river meadow, affected by mass drying due to the drought.

Recent publications








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