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The research team carries out specific activities regarding the use of GIS tools, remote sensing, photogrammetry and digital cartography in the field of forestry.


Apostol Bogdan

Senior researcher I, Responsible Research Team (E7)

Areas of interest: assessment of forest resources using remote sensing with passive and active sensors, UAV systems

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The main objective of the research team is to implement techniques and technologies for the collection, processing and exploitation of data and information from the land surface (geospatial data/information) in forestry research and practice. At the same time, the team pursues the development of methodologies specific to forest geomatics in order to promote their use in forestry.

Objectives – Research Directions

  • integrated use of data and information obtained through active and passive remote sensing techniques for the assessment of structural and functional parameters of forest ecosystems;
  • the assessment by means of remote sensing of the vulnerability, impact and risk of forest fires;
  • the use of satellite and aerial images obtained with the help of drones to assess the severity of forest fires;
  • creation of spatial databases for the efficiency of the management of the forest stock;
  • exploitation of spatial databases through GIS analyses, digital maps, creation and exploitation of DTM digital terrain models;
  • interpretation and analysis of standard products derived from existing satellite data;
  • processing, analysis and interpretation of satellite images for various purposes; control and validation by field measurements with laser devices and GNSS systems;
  • creating orthophoto plans based on aerial or satellite images of high spatial resolution to update existing information on topographic plans;
  • digital satellite photogrammetry applications;
  • integration of remote sensing data with vector databases for forestry purposes and beyond.

Within the E7 research team, 1 Senior researcher, 2 Junior researcher, 1 Researchers , 1 Researchers trainee, 2 Technological development engineers, 1 Technological development engineer II, 7 Technological development engineers III and, respectively, 8 employees work as auxiliary staff.

Research infrastructure and services

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Research infrastructure


  • Complex and integrated equipment for the collection of geospatial information at the stand level regarding dendrometric characteristics of trees specific to the forest inventory (FieldMap) and stationary terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), for establishing the composition of stands and assessing the damage caused by natural disasters (forest fires, felling of wind) through the use of UAVs

Research services


  • Evaluation of the horizontal and vertical structure of stands by using the specific techniques of forest geomatics;
  • Creation of geospatial databases on forest resources, ecosystem services provided by the forest, basic genetic materials, protected natural areas, damage caused by natural disasters (forest fires, windfalls, etc.), intensity of atmospheric pollution, areas affected by attacks from insects or desertification;
  • Creation of thematic maps in digital format and orthophotoplans specific to the solutions proposed for capitalization for the management of forests through their management plans;
  • Assessment of damage caused by natural disasters (forest fires, wind gusts) using images based on UAV systems – support in intervention activities.

Relevant projects

  • Scientific foundations for a digital forestry through the integration of geospatial solutions and technologies (PN23090204), FORCLIMSOC Core Program, Ctr. 12N/2023 (2023-2026)


  • FIREURISK – DEVELOPING A HOLISTIC, RISK-WISE STRATEGY FOR EUROPEAN WILDFIRE MANAGEMENT, Horizon 2020 Program, theme LC-CLA-15-2020, Grant Agreement no. 101003890 (2021-2025)


  • The application of remote sensing techniques for an integrated management of forest ecosystems (PN 19070109), BioSERV Nucleu Program, Ctr. 12N/2019 (2019-2022)


  • Development of methods for estimating and mitigating the effects of fires in Romanian forests, based on geospatial technologies – PN 19070108 – BioSERV Core Program, Ctr. 12N/2019. (2019-2022)


  • Service contract for the public procurement of digital map creation services, contract no. 405/20.12.2019 (2019)


  • The implementation and development of common systems and standards to optimize decision-making processes in the field of water and forests, the application of the system of evidence-based policies in the Ministry of Water and Forests for the systematization and simplification of legislation in the field of water and the implementation of simplified procedures to reduce the administrative burden for the environment forestry business (Procedure 8 – Defense of forests against fires). SIPOCA 395, MySMIS code 116297, Ctr. funding no. 202/26.07.2018. POCA Program Procedure 8 – Defense of forests against fires (2018-2021)


  • The improvement of forest resource assessment methods using satellite images, image capture systems with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles and airborne and terrestrial laser scanning (PN18040102), Nucleu GENERESERV Program, Ctr. 26N/2018 (2018)


  • Development of methods for assessing the hazard and risk of forest fires based on geospatial technologies (PN 18040104), Nucleu GENERESERV Program, Ctr. 26N/2018 (2018)


  • Realization of the geospatial database of OS Sfânta Maria, development of development maps and the use of remote sensing images and geospatial analysis to extract information and data of forestry interest necessary for the effective management of the Sfânta Maria Forest Bypass” (Subsidiary contract: 1/03.01.2018 of of financing contract No. 15/01.09.2016 – “Increasing the economic competitiveness of the forestry sector and the quality of life through the transfer of knowledge, hnology and CDI competences (CRESFORLIFE – POC)” (2018-2020)


  • Methods of identifying stands by large groups of species and determining biometric parameters of trees and stands by using modern techniques of remote sensing and geospatial data analysis (PN16330107), Nucleu DESFOR Program, Ctr. 32N/2016 (2016-2017)


  • Romanian Cluster for Earth Observation RO-CEO financed by the Ministry of Research and Innovation through the Romanian Space Agency STAR program, Contract no. 109/ 07.11.2016 (2016-2019)


  • ASSESSMENT OF DISASTER RISKS AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL (RO-RISK) partnership with the GENERAL INSPECTOR FOR EMERGENCIES as a partnership leader financed within the Administrative Capacity Operational Program (POCA) 2014-2020 through financing contract no. 3/17.03.2016 , cod SIPOCA 30 (2016)


  • The service for carrying out the scientific studies necessary for the realization of the “Integrated Management of the sites ROSCI0085 Frumoasa and ROSPA0043 Frumoasa” (2014-2015)

Recent publications

ISI publications


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BDI publications








  • CHIVULESCU, S., LECA, S., CICEU, A., PITAR, D., APOSTOL, B., 2019. PREDICTORS OF WOOD QUALITY OF TREES IN PRIMARY FORESTS IN THE SOUTHERN CARPATHIANS. Poljoprivreda i Sumarstvo (Agriculture and Forestry), Vol. 65 (4): 101-113, DOI: 10.17707/AgricultForest.65.4.09, indexare în baze de date internaționale (BDI): DOAJ, EBSCO, SCOPUS.