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The research team carries out specific activities regarding the study of the typology, structure, biological diversity and dynamics of forest ecosystems in order to improve their conservation and sustainable management.


Dincă Lucian Constantin

Senior researcher I, Director SCDEP Brașov

Research Team Manager (E2)

Areas of interest: forest ecology, climate change


The main objective of the research team is to carry out inter- and multi-disciplinary research on forest ecosystems, covering a wide spectrum of fields, from soil sciences and forest sites to ecology, typology, physiology, biology and biodiversity.

Objectives – Research directions

  • research on the typology of forest ecosystems;
  • research on the ecology of forest species and their distribution;
  • research on the biodiversity of forest ecosystems;
  • research on the dynamics and structure of forest ecosystems;
  • meteorology and forest climatology research and the influence of climate factors on forest ecosystems;
  • research on high conservation value forests (HVRC), virgin and semi-virgin forests;
  • conservation of forest ecosystems and ecological reconstruction of degraded ecosystems;
  • preservation and management of monumental trees in urban forests, parks, green spaces.

În cadrul echipei de cercetare E2 își desfășoară activitatea 2 Senior researchers I, 3 Senior researchers II, 5 Junior researchers, 3 Researchers.

Research infrastructure and services

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Research infrastructure


  • Laboratory for determining the quality of forest soils and the nutritional status of trees, internationally intercalibrated, which ensures the performance of chemical and physical analyzes of soil and leaf material samples, collected from the field, by atomic absorption spectrophotometry, plasma emission spectrophotometry inductively coupled-ICP OES, in order to monitor their critical levels regarding the content of total C and N and other micro and macro elements;
  • The “Alexandru Beldie” herbarium is a collection indexed in INDEX HERBARIORUM (, having the BUCF code along with 17 other herbaria (11th place as number of plates out of the 18 indexed), which belong to institutions of education, research, museums and botanical gardens in Romania.

Research services


  • Carrying out evaluation studies on the state of biological resources of medicinal and aromatic plants, forest fruits and edible mushrooms including truffles, from the wild (spontaneous) flora of the forest stock;
  • Providing technical assistance regarding the analysis of the phytosanitary status of potentially dangerous trees in parks and green areas using the Arbotom tomograph;
  • Carrying out pediatric studies.

Relevant projects

  • Contract 162. MMAP: Study for the development of the 2019-2030 National Strategy on the prevention and combating of desertification and land degradation;


  • PN 23090301 “Assessment of the structural, functional and specific diversity of natural and quasi-natural forests for the protection of biodiversity in the context of climate change” within the FORCLIMSOC program;


  • PN 19070505 “Health and conservation of monumental trees in Romania under climate change conditions”, within the BIOSERV program.

Recent publications



  • Vasile D., Enescu R., Scărlătescu V. 2022. Catalogul arborilor monumentali din România și ghidul pentru managementul arborilor monumentali. Ed. Silvică, pp. 314, ISBN 978-606-8020-89-1.


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Chapters from books


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