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Competition for the occupation of two computer operator positions at SCDEP Brașov, within the contract “Services for the elaboration of the study regarding the updating of the delimitation of hunting funds in Romania”

“Marin Drăcea” National Forestry Research-Development Institute, in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 53/2003 – Labor Code, organized on 05.09.2023, hours 1000, competition for the occupation of two positions of computer operator (COR code 351101) within the contract of “Services for the elaboration of the study regarding the updating of the delimitation of hunting funds in Romania, The contest will take place at the headquarters of SCDEP Brașov in Brașov, str. III of Law no. 13/2020, amending and supplementing the Law on hunting and the protection of the hunting fund no. 407/2006, with subsequent amendments and additions “at SCDEP Brașov within INCDS “Marin Drăcea”, contract for a fixed period of 1 year.

Conditions of participation:


– secondary education graduate with a baccalaureate diploma;


– according to the provisions of Annex 3 a1 of the 2023-2024 Collective Labor Agreement in force;


– according to the Procedure for the recruitment, selection and promotion of staff from INCDS “Marin Drăcea” and from its subunits. displayed on the website

The tender file will include:


– application requesting the approval of the head of the unit for participation in the contest;


– curriculum vitae, European model;


– the diploma and transcript attesting to the studies provided for in the conditions of participation (original and copy) or a valid graduation certificate;


– certificate regarding seniority, if applicable;


– ID card;


– medical certificate, issued by the family doctor certifying the state of health, respectively that he is fit for employment;


– recommendation from the place of work from which the professional and moral profile results (graduates who qualify for the first time will present a recommendation from the educational institution they graduated from).


For the documents submitted in copies, the originals will also be presented on the day of the contest.

Competition tests:


– written paper and interview.


Concursul se va desfăşura la sediul SCDEP Brașov din localitatea Brașov, str. Cloșca, no. 13, Brașov county.


Appeals can be filed within 3 (three) working days from the posting of the contest results.


Registration and submission of files for the competition is done until 01.09.2023, at 14:00 at the headquarters of SCDEP Brașov, mail


Additional information can be obtained by calling 0268419936.