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Undismantled fixed assets auction announcement

I.N.C.D.S. Marin Drăcea – through the Mihăesti experimental base, based in Str. Principală, No.1, Loc. Mihăești, Jud. Argeș, sells by open public auction with call, a number of 9 non-dismantled fixed assets, stored on the radius of B.E. Mihăesti, with the starting prices as follows:

Name of the movable property Brief description The evaluation or starting price of the auction, exclusive of VAT (lei) VAT rate/non-taxable/exempt*) Remarks
1. Car Dacia Double cab 736 139,84
2. 16 ton dump truck 7600 1444
3. irrigated facility 650 123,5
4. Break car 628 119,32
5. TKF tractor winch 360 68,4
6. Aerial platform with winch 7552 1434,88
7. Roman dump truck 6016 1143,04
8. TAF Sacele 4480 851,2
9. The thermal plant 231 43,89


Starting prices do not include VAT.

The auction will take place at the headquarters of BE Mihăesti on 14.06.2023, at 10:00 a.m.

Any legal or natural person who meets the conditions set out in the specifications can participate in the auction.

The specifications can be obtained from the headquarters of the BE Mihăești starting from 30.05.2023.

The fee for participating in the auction is 100 lei.

Additional information at the BE Mihăești headquarters – Mechanization Department, telephone 0740040688, or at the secretariat, tel: 0248560001.