Forest Science for people and societal challenges The 90th “Marin Drăcea” INCDS Anniversary

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Administration of Experimental Bases, nurseries and Dendrological Parks, production and utilization of forest products efficiently.


  • deals with the administration of the experimental bases with an area of over 47,705 ha and the organization of the production process for the production, harvesting and valorization, through acts and trade acts, of wood and non-wood products specific to the forestry sector, under conditions of economic efficiency;


  • production testing of completed research results in order to expand their application; management of long-term experimental surfaces in order to achieve the purpose and scientific objectives for which they were installed.



  • management of experimental bases in accordance with management plans;
  • production testing of research results in order to expand their application;
  • production and utilization of wood assortments;
  • the production and utilization of forest and ornamental saplings;
  • forest seed production;
  • self-directed exploitation and sale of wood;
  • primary processing and marketing of wood products;
  • utilization of forest fruits, mushrooms and medicinal plants;
  • exploiting game and practicing ecotourism;
  • intensive breeding of pheasant and trout and their exploitation.


A number of 255 permanent employees work within the department, of which 61 have higher education, 118 have secondary education and 76 are workers.

Experimental forest heritage

It consists of 16 Experimental Bases:

  • Caransebeş – county Caraş Severin
  • Lechinţa – county Bistriţa Năsăud
  • Mihăeşti – county Argeș
  • Săcele- county Brașov
  • Tomnatic – county Suceava
  • Vidra – county Vrancea
  • Craiova – county Dolj
  • Cornetu – county Ilfov
  • Voluntari – county Ilfov
  • Bărăgan – county Călăraşi
  • Tulcea– county Tulcea
  • Hemeiuș – county Bacău
  • Simeria – county Hunedoara
  • TG. Mureș – county Mureş
  • Timișoara – county Timiş
  • Gilău – county Cluj